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Date: 2018-01-16 03:11

Hi Goddess, I am in a difficult situation any advice would be a great help. So, I have never done any online dating myself before. I have been seeing a guy for 8 months now. It’s going extremely well. He is a gentleman to me. He seems to trust me, has confided various private information to me. After nearly 7 months of dating he told me he really liked me, could we be exclusive and would I be his girlfriend.

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A possible reason that he 8767 s not interested in me is that when I asked for his number for a dare, he smiled and told me 8775 I 8767 m not telling YOU. 8776 .

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Since then we 8767 ve kept in contact. But I am not sure if he is really is interested in me or is just looking for revenge. This is where I need your advice!

so theres this guy i jus met 7 weeks ago. weatrted hangin out afte one night of drinkin n i fell asleep on his couch. in the morning he woke up wen he heard me wake up to come check on me n brought me into his room to lay more comfortably instead of trying to have sex he held me n cuddled for the remainder of the morning. it wasnt until mid afternoon and hours of cuddling he kissed cuddled for 7 days straight .

I am in a really weird situation.
I like this boy, but he has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is really over protective.
His girlfriend is really mean to me because she knows I like him.
The boy I like and the girlfriend that he is with have broken up and got back together 9 times now, which yes is really strange.
I really like this boy, but as you see the situation I am in is crazy!!!

Hi Laura,
You 8767 re instincts are right. 8775 I feel like guys will do anything to be with a girl-whom they like. 8776
Worrying about a guy isn 8767 t fun. If you 8767 re on probation, he 8767 s not thinking about the consequences his actions may have on you. Not cool.
You want the guy that is worried about impressing you and who wants to make you smile. Don 8767 t beat yourself up on this. Notice the men
that are trying to make you smile with their actions. Those are the ones that are keepers. Does this make sense? Love, Goddess

Over the last couple years he has stared at me longer than needed, showed off to get my attention, let his hands linger when passing me items, been protective of me when strange men (to him, I know whom they are) approach me to chat, stand shoulder to shoulder with me, hold an umbrella for me once, pays for everything and always stay back to help me carry stuff.

The next day at work, he wanted to make sure I wasn 8767 t kept asking if I was mad and told him I brought up rescheduling a few times, but I never did.

I have a big crush on this guy. He 8767 s actually my neighbor. He 8767 s really sweet to me and stuff like that. The problem is my friends asked him if he liked me and he said no. I 8767 ve been taking a lot of quizzes about this and most of them say he likes me back. The thing that Is throwing me off is that he is complementing me in soccer, no one else just me. And he makes direct eye contact and smiles when I 8767 m around. Sorry I this is too long but I need ur help! Oh yes and we also text alot and he often asks what we should talk about now signaling that he likes talking to me.

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