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Compatibility and Dating Advice for INFP Relationships

Date: 2018-01-07 14:05

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Glad to know it 8767 s normal based on my value system, personality, etc. And, so thankful to be given the knowledge of what it will take for me to crawl out of this black hole :)

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Your job was school and now you are out of a job. The good news is that from now on no one will tell you  things like  what to learn  or how to write. The bad news is that you have basically been training to be an academic for the last 68 years, so unless you want to teach, you are now doing a career change. We can talk all day about how stupid it is to train everyone to be an academic. But instead, just realize that all your training is irrelevant, which means you are starting over. And the only skills you have are the ones you were born with. So you should figure out your personality type , and memorize what it means so you can steer yourself toward something you 8767 ll succeed at doing.

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[ ] lol! Here is a quote and it s subsequent article I read that helped me clear things up for myself: Type Analysis INFJ or ISFJ The dominant function for ISFJs is Introverted Sensing (Si). Si is all about the focus on past [ ]

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INFJ – You are eternally damned to working for a morally corrupt company that aims to exploit the weak and generally degrade conditions for all of society.

The idea that 8775 INFJs are perfectionists 8776 is a bit of a blanket statement and not entirely true of myself nor the few other INFJs I know.
INFJs are selective perfectionists. If something is part of our personal vision, we will be incredibly diligent about each little detail being exactly in line with how we 8767 re envisioning it.

Theresa, I see what you are saying. My son just graduated with an electrical engineering degree specializing in radio frequency engineering (satellite technology, electromagnetism, and so much more I don 8767 t fully grasp.). His training blows my mind. How did they even begin this? How was this discovered? How did they figure out how the different natural elements affected electromagnetic waves? And, if I keep typing, I 8767 ll further reveal my son says, 8775 We are standing on the shoulders of giants. 8776 Amen.

I thought it was obvious President Obama is a pretty solid INFJ. One can deduct that from his autobiography even without listening to his speeches which display deep powers of perception (Ni) and sometimes strike me as very psychological.

I think it 8767 s pretty easy to tell. The issue is differentiating between SF (Relater) and NF (Romantic), the big divide being between the former 8767 s conservatism vs. the latter 8767 s adventurism. INFJs love to explore the unknown, whereas ISFJs (like other SF types) are mostly fearful of it.

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