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The same psychology come into play trying to keep these guys from donating blood. They are offended! So what if someone dies. My feelings are more important!

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An Yzlamik believer really lives in an Yzlamik world no matter where they are conceived or born. These people are as American as the House of Saud or the head Imam in Mogadishu. They are not and shall never be Americans irrespective of the passport they carry or where they reside.

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Thanks R765. That was a very satisfying response. Too bad Dante ended up being the guy I'd probably actively try to avoid in a supermarket. Closure, lol.

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Former coworker Gilroy reportedly described the shooter Mateen as unhinged and unstable, constantly preoccupied with angry talk about 8775 niggers 8776 and 8775 queers. 8776 After Gilroy left the company, supposedly to get away from Mateen, Gilroy alleges that Mateen began cyber- and telephone stalking behavior toward him. Then, Mateen 8767 s father said Mateen 8767 s anger was triggered by recently witnessing two men publicly kissing, somewhere in Miami.

Don't a lot of these guys after their careers are over they marry women, have kids, and claim they were just doing it for the money?

With one, we can expect a war with Russia over Ukraine. With the other, we at least have some chance he 8767 s learned. Since a President really has very little power except the power to take us to war, there 8767 s really no contest on this issue.

Lots of gay models have said they were told to play straight when they began their career in porn, I'm sure lost of bisexual models were also told to play gay when they started in porn too.

[quote]Sorry [R565] to disappoint but Keri herself said Blake Harper had gone down on her a couple of times a few months before they made the movie.

But the relentless stream of troll-garbage couldn 8767 t be ignored. The constant, irritating poking was an engraved invitation to investigate who this poker was. And so out it came. So maybe it really wasn 8767 t 8775 neglect 8776 .

[quote]Is Blake Harper really bi and dating women, or is that just an exaggeration derived from the fact that he had sex with a woman on camera?

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