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Why my husband looses his erection during sex? - Erectile

Date: 2018-01-11 11:55

As a woman I have no problem with my guy watching porn. I do disagree with women initiating sex, Of course we can but it doesn 8767 t turn us on. No woman wants a man that doesn 8767 t want her, and show it. Women like sex also, when we are mad nothing say 8767 s im sorry like the desire to make her quiver. If we have to ask for sex it aint going to happen.

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Incidentally, for those of you with problems with cats peeing on the bed, I highly recommend getting a protective sheet. It's pretty much like a regular sheet, but has a plastic sheet on the inside of it (and it can be washed and dried like a regular sheet). It's been a lifesaver for our bed -- our male pees on the bed occasionally if he feels his litter box isn't clean enough or if he's feeling overly stressed, and this way he doesn't damage the bed itself. All I need to do is a couple of loads of laundry -- no big deal! You put a normal sheet on top of it, and you can't even tell it's there (no weird crinkly sounds or anything). The one I got was about $95 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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I felt bad about myself the last couple years, but I lost weight & lately I realize how much we neglected each other in so many ways. We never, ever fight though. I get frustrated, he does too, we may bicker, but rarely except for maybe 7 or 8x a year.

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The problem is that most American women these days have no clue how to be feminine or humble anymore. Your resentment and demoralizing attitude is very transparent to us. That is a sexual turnoff. No amount of dialogue, therapy or certified experts can change that. You could learn a lot from these women who live in more 8775 primitive 8776 cultures and are still in touch with their sexuality and getting sex on the regular (look at their birth rates!).

My husband has low testosterone and it is a huge struggle for us, even though he is being treated for it. The biggest thing is that he just doesn 8767 t really see sex as an issue at all it 8767 s as if he wants a complete marriage, but if there was no sex, he 8767 d be fine with that. 🙁

i understand this and i know when my cat leo is getting fed up, but i was watching tv with my boyfriend. when he really bit me, i shrieked i never saw him coming. i have 9 large holes in my arm they are swollen and bleeding. so it was not a get off me kind of bite.

But most of all insight into myself better self realization.
Recognising I have key drivers that I need to feel whole and not letting friends or society 8767 s often stupid, anachronistic ideas to influence my thought.

My cats were peeing on the bed.
Both had to go to the vet.
Each cat had to have blood drawn and urine test.
Each cat got antibiotic injection and antiobiotic pills.

AND for anyone who is interested you have to REQUEST for your doctor to run a PCR test! Don 8767 t be blinded! Be sure you are tested completely with every physical!

So it 8767 s insensitve to the people that willingly go on Jerry Springer and have the same sick stories as this LW but it 8767 s not insensitive to generalize people of an entire state? Wow. I 8767 m really hoping this is sarcastic.

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