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Christmas, 7 yrs ago, I was wrapping gifts and had music on, talking to a family member about a certain song Dad would sing to me, as soon as I had finished my sentence, that song came on. Freaky yet cool at the same time.

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My granddaughter was 6 when her Poppi (my husband) died. When she was 66 she had a nasty fall and was taken to the hospital with her face covered in blood, the doctor cleaned her up and there wasn't even a scratch on her face, the blood was from her nose. My daughter told her she was so lucky not to have anything to scar her face and she said It is OK mommy because at the last minute Poppi put his hand out. I believe her because her grandfather wouldn't have tolerated anything to scar his princess's beautiful face.

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i want every one to know my father came to me in early dec 57 in the spirit of a butterfly. the colors were black and yellow spots, just like the shirt he always wore. also there are no butterflys in the month of dec. anyway it was my dad watching over and reassuring me he was around and alright.

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For people that have used online dating in the 95s and are looking to jump back in today, a lot has changed. It’s evolved and transformed so drastically with the explosion of social networking, smartphones, and just the attitude shift in the overall acceptance of online dating.

Intelligent Matchmaking – Members boast the dates are just better with Elite Singles because you are starting off on solid ground choosing from likeminded individuals. It sort of like getting a running start. It’s just so much easier when you’ve got momentum working for you a mutual focus or goal.

Suddenly, I felt someone sitting behind me, giving me support and place to lean. I knew without seeing him that it was my FIL. He felt warm and solid and I instantly knew that everything was okay.

Yeah we where we had our ups and downs allot but I really miss her I stayed up until 5am yesterday because I was scared to sleep xx

Thank you for all of these beautiful stories, they help be believe what has been happening in the recent weeks since my husband passed away.

I love to hook up and let me tell you, it is absolutely great- casual satisfying sex with nothing to worry about or deal with afterwards- isn’t that what every man needs? So I am a staunch believer and follower of the hook up culture which has led me to be a permanent thriving member of websites like C-Date and Victoria Milan. With a tally of over 75 Scandinavian beauties, hook up has been quite a success for me which is why I am sharing some unspoken rules of the casual sex culture that you need to follow. Before I started using C-date in Scandinavia, I got inspired by a guy who used C-date Norge and C-date Sverige. He nicely described his way to become a successful seducer.

In the last decade online dating has exploded for all the right reasons. Making it easier for people with busy lives to date and opening up doors of diversity to meet people outside of your area without actually going there.

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